#DlalaXmas – a day of joy for our champions!


Saturday December 5th marked the culmination of effort and enthusiasm for the 2015 Dlala Nje Champions.

Thirty bright young souls made Gold Reef City their home for the day as they took part in our annual Christmas party.

Picture: Thomas Revington

Picture: Thomas Revington

Unlike years before this one, Dlala Nje rewarded the hard work and dedication of children that made it their business to be great this year.

It was decided that instead of hosting a massive event for as many kids in Hillbrow, Berea and Yeoville as possible, we would throw a celebration for Dlala Nje kids who’ve have consistently performed during the course of the year.

Picture: Thomas Revington

Picture: Thomas Revington

Each time a kid did their homework, read a book from the library or took part in an activity like Yoga or Music lessons they earned a stamp next to their name on the Dlala Nje Champions wall.

The 30 kids with the most stamps next to their names got an invitation to the Christmas party.

Picture: Thomas Revington

Picture: Thomas Revington

After their minds were blown at Gold Reef City, each champion was honoured in a prize-giving ceremony at Dlala Nje.

Not only did they receive a certificate of merit but also a bag full of goodies to enjoy this Christmas.

A massive debt of gratitude goes out to all who donated their time and effort to pull off this amazing day.

Picture: Thomas Revington

Picture: Thomas Revington

Sugi Moodley came to the party in a big way by sponsoring 30 MP3 players for the Champions’ party packs.

A massive thank you to Claire and Clive Whitlow who so generously sponsored the Dlala champions’ lunch and transport to Gold Reef City.

Cheers to ABSA‘s Financial Reporting division and Adam Alagiah for sponsoring the kids’ entrance to the park.

And all the #PonteLove to Thomas Revington for the outstanding pictures and video he did on the day – which was complimented by a killer Go Barefoot  track.


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It’s the generosity and love of those who believe in what Dlala Nje stands for that makes each Christmas party more enjoyable every year.

It was tough to leave many of the other Dlala kids behind when we went to the city’s premier amusement park, but it was in essence a labour of love. For each disappointed child will surely try harder next year to make sure they are rewarded as a Dlala Champion.




And this Christmas is only the beginning. We intend to host similar events at the end of each school term to consistently instill the idea of rewarding hard work.

So watch this space come April for our next Dlala Champions event – We look forward to bigger and better things in 2016.

We’ve planted the seed of diligence and determination and we’re excited to continue rewarding hard work. To ultimately show our Champions that life’s best opportunities come to those that help themselves.

And success is the destination on the journey of life.

Picture: Thomas Revington

Picture: Thomas Revington

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