At Dlala Nje we continually try to change things up a bit and so we’ve decided to offer our adventurers something a little different from our traditional Taste of Yeoville and This is Hillbrow experiences. We want to continue sharing our optimism of the wonderful communities we work in and want to ensure that we continue recognising them for their resilience.

We have therefore decided to run a special edition experience at the end of every month. An experience that will highlight different aspects of the inner-city of Johannesburg in interesting and wonderful ways.

For the month of February we will introduce an experience we are calling Berea Heights and Sounds.

The experience will run on 28 February 2016 and will include the following:


16h00: Meet at Dlala Nje

For an introduction to our community centre and the amazing people we work with. You’ll get a bit of insight into what Dlala Nje does and how we operate.

16h30: Depart for the first rooftop

We will begin the experience on foot from Dlala Nje to our first stop. Here we will introduce you to someone who will share insights and perspective on what it’s like to manage a large building in Berea; the challenges are insurmountable, yet these guys are doing an incredible job.

17h30: Depart for the second rooftop

The next building has an incredible story of resilience. Once an abandoned slum filled with African refugees and now a well-run and safe home for many inner-city inhabitants.

Here we will get to the roof and have a traditional Hillbrow snack and beverage whilst observing inner-city life from above.

18h00: Depart for the third rooftop

The final building we visit continues to function despite some complex problems. We will unpack here some of the challenges faced, and provide additional insights into managing a building within the inner-city.

We will make our way to the rooftop and meet the choir members of Barnarto Park High School. Here we’ll have one last drink to take in the city skyline whilst being entertained.

A contribution will be made to the performers on your behalf.

19h00: Arrive back at Dlala Nje


The experience is limited to 25 tickets and booking can be made herehttp://dlalanje.spaza.co/shop/product/dlala-nje-special-editions-berea-heights-and-sounds-1573

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Franck Leya on 072 640 5704 or drop us a line on info@dlalanje.org


Peace and love,


Team Dlala Nje

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