Dlala Nje is hereby challenging all food-shopping enthusiasts to break the comforts of Woolies snacks, Fournos breakfasts and Food Lovers’ biltong and cheese stands.


We are launching our new special edition experience on Sunday, 03 April 2016 we are aiming to provide our adventurers with an opportunity to support local Johannesburg entrepreneurs. An opportunity to explore the colours, sights and sounds of the informal markets of our CBD; which will provide you with a new perspective and a very different spin to your normal shopping trips.


As locals we often marvel at the wonderful fresh foods, clothes, medicines and more that are available through the informal sector at a fraction of the price. Tomatoes that are full of flavour, rice and maize that have not been so dramatically impacted by inflation, and beautiful shwe shwe garments and accessories, are some of the delights available if you are prepared to step off the beaten track and explore the markets of our city.


As usual, our adventure will begin at the Dlala Nje Community Centre and from here we will head into Hillbrow, Berea and Yeoville to explore the buzzing informal sector that these suburbs offer. We’ll walk and use public transport to get around, all whilst buying local and supporting the community.


We’ll encourage you to spend time understanding the stories of the traders, seamstresses and tailors. By asking questions, we’ll learn how they have landed up here, and how their goods have traversed countries and continents.


After our exploring and shopping, a meal will be served in one of our favourite local restaurants. We’ll then head back to Dlala HQ, where we’ll have a drink on the 51st floor of Ponte to unwind and recap on the day’s adventures.



The experience has limited tickets and bookings can be made here.

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Franck Leya on 072 640 5704 or drop us a line oninfo@dlalanje.org

Image: Jono Wood

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