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A Youth Day Tribute to the South African Constitution

In the true spirit of 1976, the Dlala Nje kids this week performed a tribute to human rights and our treasured constitution. Dlala Nje partnered with the clerks of the Constitutional Court to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the June 16, 1976 uprisings with a dance and theatre production. Moving South Africa forward after apartheid required…

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SA (Maths+Science) = A doomed equation

There are only two countries in the world that South Africa beats when it comes to the mathematics and physical science education we dish out to our nation’s children. South Africa is ranked 138 out of 140 countries, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness report for 2015/16. We should mention that some countries…

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A lion of tomorrow?
Picture - Jono Wood

Dlala Nje runs with the Lions

As part of our ongoing partnership with the Lions Rugby Union, the Dlala Nje kids are honing their rugby skills in a weekly coaching clinic run by the Super Rugby supremos. Every Wednesday Dlala Nje rugby fundi James Manguza takes a group of our youngsters down to the Lions training grounds for some running, kicking,…

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