An Afro-Continental culinary experience

Cocoa from Ivory Coast - Keith Weller

The Lowdown

Get a taste of traditional Nigerian, Cameroonian, Ghanaian and Congolese cuisine with a touch of South African flavour.



Adult 65+



2 to 12 years



< 2 years


Western african cuisine

An Afro-Continental culinary experience

What's Included?

Available Languages


French (on request)

Chinese (on request)

German (on request)

Tour Details

A guided walk down Rockey Street in Yeoville – the cultural melting pot that remains part of Johannesburg’s heartbeat.

Yeoville’s “United States of Africa” will offer you an experience that will challenge your perceptions and delight your taste buds. Ultimately we want to give you a blank canvas and brush to paint a new picture of the city through your own eyes and prove you don’t need have to travel thousands of kilometers around the African continent to get a taste of Africa.

The Dlala Nje tour guide will be leading you to places like Malalahitoka for traditional Ghanaian Wat, Kifto and Injera, Kin Malabo for more Ghanaian food such as Pondu and Kwanga, Mama Osu will be your Nigerian stop for Akara and Killshi. Baskim offers a mix of African foods such as Konkonte and Ampesie. The tour guide will include a walk through the Yeoville food market where you can purchase fruit and veg you have maybe never seen before. Next stop is at our local favourite La Cameroonaise, for Brochettes and Sangah. After dinner drinks will be hosted at the famous House of Thandoor, and finally we head back to Ponte to view the core of the iconic building

Detailed description

  • Come with an open mind
  • There is secure parking available at Ponte City (our starting point)
  • No cash accepted on Ponte premises, but bring cash for the market to support local businesses
  • No cash refunds. Please refer to cancellation policy.
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Live in the moment, but if you want to bring camera’s you’re welcome however no professional photography and remember to always ask people if they’re happy for you take their photo before snapping away.
  • Leave prejudices at home.
Ngumbi from Mozambique - Tim Cowley
At the Summit Club pool on Claim Street, Hillbrow - David Goldblatt
Holdup in Hillbrow, Johannesburg - David Goldblatt
The watchman, Balnagask Court, Hillbrow - David Goldblatt
A view from the core of ponte - included in all tours

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the summit

At the Summit Club pool on Claim Street, Hillbrow - David Goldblatt
Holdup in Hillbrow, Johannesburg - David Goldblatt